Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Robin and her nest, Jonesville, Michigan (plus baby robin from 2009 )

At my Aunt K and Uncle B's home in Jonesville, Michigan. This small octagonal window is next to the side entrance to their home and looks in on the family room. My aunt had noticed the bird trying to build her nest there, she kept bringing twigs and the twigs kept falling on the ground until one day they didn't. It turned out that my uncle had decided to help the robin out a little and had driven four big nails in along the front of the windowframe. My aunt says he gets to clean the window when the robins are done, but they're really enjoying having her there.

There was a lot of coming and going close to the nest with all the visitors in town for Uncle B's 80th birthday. The slamming of the screen door would send her away, but some of us started using the front door more to give her a little more room and she was still sitting tight on the day that we house guests were all leaving. Very neat to have a chance to take pictures like this!

Reminds me of another robin encounter at the same aunt and uncle's place - from Summer 2009.

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