Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Brants are getting brantier.

Did I mention what a good vacation I had last week? It was mostly a staycation (we did go to CT for Thanksgiving with some of TQ's family, but we made that a day trip), and in addition to the visit to the Noble Maritime Collection at Snug Harbor and Sunday's excellent, paddle, I got a lot of stuff done around the apartment that needed doing, I had a three-day cooking event making pozole the way it's supposed to be made, and I actually had time to the time and inclination (looking at all the great pictures in the Noble Collection got me going!) to try drawing those brants I couldn't draw in July again - remember, I ended up drawing my sister riding a horse in 1975 instead?

I can't remember what was wrong with them before but this time the brants a little brantier.

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