Thursday, December 11, 2014

Paddling the Light Fantastic

Canadian photographer Stephen Orlando's glorious photos have been all the rage among the salty set of my Internet friends in the last week or two, and I can't resist sharing them here today. I've got a good cooking post planned but I want to go practice archery again tonight (I felt like maybe I was making progress last time I went, but I think that was at least a week and a half ago and I'm still very early on in learning so that's too long!) and the pozole post will be a bit on the long side to start in on after that, so this is the perfect chance to slip this in.

You can read a little more about the artist and his process, and see more of his photos, on - click here to visit. Enjoy! 


Haralee said...

Gorgeous and eerie!

clairesgarden said...

looks interesting but internet not up to speed right now, will try to remember to check in with the artists photos later

bonnie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Haralee! Aren't they lovely?

Claire - Worth a look when you can - they really are amazing. ThisIsColossal also has links to canoeing and swimming galleries that the artist has set up.

And I must stop by claire's garden to see how the Abby-girl is doing!

My friend who runs the full-moon paddles in the warmer months at Sebago would love to get this guy out to Jamaica Bay - imagine a dozen of these paddling along side by side!