Saturday, December 27, 2014

NYC Holiday Windows 2: The Flickr Set

After sorting through the rest of the pix, I still ended up having a few more than I wanted for a blog post, so I just put up the full set on Flickr. If you already looked at the Bergdorf window post, you can just skip through those. We started there (well, actually we started at a gingerbread display at the Parker Meridien, but my pictures there didn't come out that well and we weren't that impressed anyways) and then we moved on to our other favorites -- Tiffany's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center (oh my the crowds), and Lord and Taylor. We thought about Barney's but we were working our way north to south and by the time we thought of it it would've required a massive backtrack (plus the live figure skater - !!! - wouldn't have been on duty); we have finished with Macy's in the past but it was getting pretty late and we were ready to head for home after Lord and Taylor.

Click here for the Flickr set.

Blog bonus picture - this is the Palm Court Restaurant at the Plaza. Someday we are going to start our annual holiday window viewing with tea at the Plaza. It's wildly expensive, of course, and will probably require a little more advance planning than we usually do, but it would be fun to do at least once!

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