Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last night's fun -

I had a very good time last night at the monthly gathering of the NY Ship Lore and Modelbuilding Society. Tugster Will was last night's speaker, presenting "15 Weeks and 1500 Miles on the Erie Canal", a talk about his summer travels as a deckhand/educator on the NY State Canal System tug Urger.

Will ordinarily earns a living by teaching English as a second language, but this summer, he was feeling in need of a break and decided to take an unpaid leave. Originally he was going to work on a memoir, but when he found out that the NY State Canal System tug Urger was looking for a deckhand/educator for the summer, he jumped at the opportunity. His presentation last night was a slide show of his favorite photos as they travelled the canal.

He's an excellent photographer and a terrific storyteller and it made for thoroughly enjoyable evening. 

Bowsprite was running the slides for him, wearing green feathers in honor of their recent trip to New Orleans. Oh, btw, it's probably too late for this plug this year but she brought some holiday cards with one of her designs and they are gorgeous - my NY harbor boating friends might want to stock up for next year! It was a big hit, too, not that I've been a member for that long, but I don't ever remember the studio being this packed. Fortunately they did have enough cookies (phew). 

Great fun, made me want to run home and rummage through my pictures from my own summer adventure again - well, maybe over my Christmas break.

Thanks for sharing your adventures, Will! Visit http://tugster.wordpress.com/ to read about Will's voyage with the Urger, and much much more.


JP said...

Oh my gosh aren't Bowsprite's cards pretty!

bonnie said...

I don't think I've ever seen a Christmas card I liked more! I'm so glad this event was last night, she gave me a set and I still have time to get them in the mail!