Sunday, December 14, 2014

On A Clear Day -

Another nice simple paddle today, this time with TQ - nothing fancy, no breaks, no brunch, no beachcombing, just out into the bay, around Ruffle Bar and Canarsie Pol and then back to the club. It was about nine miles and we kept moving at a nice clip, we're both feeling the overindulgences of the season and we wanted (and got) some exercise.

The day had started out a bit on the gray-and-gloomy side but by the time we hit the water in the midafternoon, things were clearing up beautifully and I took this picture of the Manhattan skyline from just west of Ruffle Bar.

Definitely click this one for detail!


Pandabonium said...

Wonderful pic! That far out in a kayak I start staring at the water and imagining all the critters waiting to devour me. Ahhhhrrrrggg! Of course my paranoia is why stay in our little pond. :)

bonnie said...

I'm not actually that far out there - Jamaica Bay, you're never that far from shore.

J-Bay - and if the pointer stays where it was on the search, I'm just a little south of it, next to the oval-shaped island (that's Ruffle Bar).

Most exciting critters we get in the bay are seals - they come in the winter, should be here soon.

bonnie said...

It does look like I'm 20 miles offshore though, doesn't it? :D