Saturday, December 27, 2014

NYC Holiday Windows 2014 - Part 1

More to come, but my friend Mandy and I got together for our annual holiday ritual, and the hands-down winner of the coveted (well, not really, in fact I just made it up tonight and it's only me and whoever reads this that knows about it) Frogma NYC Holiday Window Wow Award this year was Bergdorf Goodman. Actually they usually are my favorites, they have great big display windows and they let some incredibly creative people (with maybe more than a smidgen of OCD, judging by the level of detail) run utterly amok with them for the holidays. It's almost hard to imagine how they put some of these assemblages together, they've got so many bits in 'em.
This year's theme was The Arts. The first window, which introduced the theme with a lady with a brilliant light bulb on over her head, was the simplest; the rest were...well, take a look at Literature, Architecture (I gave you a detail there, cut-paper lion sculpture, typical of the way these things are just done to the nines), Theater (which including an actual flashing neon display), Cartography (one of 2 smaller windows which were also done in keeping with the theme - this one had a particularly intricate cut-paper display that I liked), Painting, Music (a trumpeter with a dazzling backdrop of silver horns), Dance (with a spinning life-sized music box dancer), Sculpture, and Film.

More tomorrow or maybe Sunday, but I thought I'd start with this. Click on the first picture for a slideshow view, I did all the writing up here 'cause these have so much detail they really should be viewed in the larger versions.



Architecture (detail - cut-paper lion)

Theater - neon was an absolute light show

"Cartography" - small window but so much in there!


Music (note the backdrop of silver horns)

Dance (life-sized twirling music box dancer)


Film (backdrop scrolled past with Arctic scenery)

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