Thursday, December 18, 2014

More sad news - farewell, Half Moon

Not the same kind of sadness as yesterday, but I was still VERY disappointed to read that the Half Moon, a historical replica of the 17th-century ship that Henry Hudson sailed up the river that eventually came to bear his name, will be leaving us for the Netherlands in 2015. You can read more at the Working Harbor Committee's blog.

I suppose it's not truly bad news, at least not for the vessel herself. The report mentions financial difficulties and lack of a home port as reasons for the move, and perhaps she will fare better in the Netherlands. I'll miss her, though, her lines and cheerful paint always brought a smile to my face (and thoughts of Narnia to my mind) whenever I spotted her.

Photo above taken at a very drizzly NY Harbor Blessing of the Fleet in June 2009. Click here for more from that day.

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