Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ice Yacht Expo at the FDR Home, Library and Museum

I won't be able to make it up to Hyde Park for this but I did want to share it in case anyone who lives closer happens to read this! The lovely folks at the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club are putting on an Ice Yacht Expo at the FDR Presidential Home, Library and Museum, opening Sunday the 21st and running through January 3rd.

On the opening day, there will be a reception at 2:00pm at the Wallace Center Welcome by Lynn Bassanese, Library Director Brief remarks by Historian Wint Aldrich followed by refreshments and an informal introduction to the Hudson River tradition of sailing on ice.

An indoor / outdoor display of classic ice yachts will run Dec 21- Jan 3, including FDR’s ice yacht “Hawk” and examples of other historic and modern ice yachts from the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club.

Where: Wallace Visitor Center and Roosevelt Library Lawn, 

at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Home, Library and Museum. Click here for more details.


clairesgarden said...

looks like fun, but chilly..

bonnie said...

It was VERY cold, but everyone was well bundled up and having a blast when I took the photo and video! This has got to be the most frustrating sport ever - they need very, very specific conditions to sail these lovely old craft, and they don't get them in the Hudson Valley every year. I'm glad I got to go in 2010!