Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cormorants, plus Pale Male Jr. Kids Update!

This is one of my favorite pix from the Staten Island tour - Buzznet's having problems today so I thought I'd just put this up here since I happen to have it saved here at work. 3:00 update - Buzznet appears to be back up so the Staten Island virtual tour Part 1 is available!

I can definitely see the learning curve at the start of the slideshow (this was my first time trying to do any serious picture-taking with the new Optio Pentax WP from my kayak, had messed around a bit with it one night but not gotten anything usable from that night) - and also the fact that we were in a big hurry at the start & there just wasn't time to line things up pretty - but I got better as the day went on. I was extremely happy with this one, which I just happen to have saved to my work computer.

Since my galleries are down, how about some more great hawk pictures from palemale.com instead? Pale Male & Lola's eggs didn't hatch this year - possibly just as well, they've had a good record of producing youngsters & with the stress of rebuilding the nest this year (after it was torn down by the co-op early in the Spring), perhaps it was easier on them to not have the subsequent stress of feeding eyasses. However, Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte did have 2 babies & they both took their first flights on Friday!

Plus Lincoln's got a few pictures up of various other Central Park fauna.

hm - I wonder if Lincoln could answer an osprey question for me. I'll have to check.

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