Monday, July 11, 2005

NYC Stonehenge effect TODAY July 11th

no time for details but today is the day that NYC (above whatever street it is where the regular grid starts in so that the streets run straight across) becomes a giant Stonehenge with the setting sun shining straight down the middle of the streets.

Heard this on an NPR news story this morning - (11:50 ps while waiting for report to run I looked at that article more closely & it's actually the one they did in May, which is the other month that this happens - in the last paragraph it says something about the phenomenon being repeated on, you got it, July 11th!)

Sunset is at 8:20.

If I go I will take pictures.

I had a great weekend & had planned to go home & chill & read & unpack & blog re marathon swim (swimmers & most kayaks were pulled out & the race was called on account of a terrible thunderstorm that came through just as the swim was wrapped around the north end of Manhattan - I felt so bad for my swimmer) and tri (it is AMAZING how fast an elite triathlete swims) but I will see how I'm doing.

I could definitely kill some time between end of workday & sunset reading the instructions for a wonderful new toy - my mom & dad decided to get me the BEST belated birthday present & it got here TODAY, much faster than expected hoorah! I foresee my idea of a series of Frogma Virtual Tours, each featuring a certain stretch of interesting loca waterfront, becoming MUCH easier to produce! YAY! (THANKS M & B!!!!)

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