Monday, July 18, 2005

In the Graveyard of Ships, Staten Island, 7/16/05

This is one of the ships in what our guide for Saturday's Staten Island circumnavigation thinks is probably the oldest of the ship's graveyards in the Arthur Kill. He's heard that these are circa late 1800's, probably barques, probably used as cargo ships.

I have a whole lot more pictures which, as I said, I will definitely be getting to - but tonight I have the new Harry Potter, and Dumbledore just...oh, never mind, I just have to go curl up & read a little more before bed. Sleepy anyways. Go figure.

BTW I did finally get around to changing my posting name tonight since I think a lot of people who know me from NYCKayaker are probably finding this today & it's pretty darned obvious who I am - I'd been meaning to do this for a while because of just that. I hadn't really let the cat (or frog) out of the bag yet as far as posting a link on NYCKayaker, but it wasn't particularly still in the bag either - I've told plenty of friends & family with the assumption that if they enjoyed it they might share it, and anyways this isn't a difficult site to find. Now that Larry B's posted a link here on NYCKayaker, now seems like the perfect time to stop being the hardly-mysterious "bk".

So if anyone's coming in for the first time through NYCKayaker, SeaLevel or the Hoboken Cove Boathouse (thanks for the links guys!) - hiya, welcome, yep it's me, hope you enjoy!

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