Friday, July 01, 2005

Schooner on Queer Eye + Marriage Equal Rights Bumper Sticker!

Hey, how cool is this - I just found out that my schooner is going to be on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Tuesday, July 5th at 10 PM on Bravo!

I wasn't working that day but I did eat a lot of the frosted animal crackers with candy sprinkles they left behind.

And on a more serious note (warning, liberal views ahead & NO kayaking, if you want kayaking I promise I'll get back to that in my next post!) -

I sent the following note to one of the bloggers I read regularly - I was going to send it to more of my politically active gay friends & just see if anybody thought it was a good idea - but since Scott Chicken already took the initiative I figured I'd just copy the email & throw it out here, too -

I tossed off a totally off-the-cuff response today to a comment that Loup left after my post about things I like about New York - but actually the more I think about it the more it seems like it might actually be a neat idea if I could get it into the right hands.

The post was inspired by the fact that yesterday morning my entire plans for last night were go home, go for a run, clean house and by the afternoon I was lined up to go watch Jessica Lange & Christian Slater in "The Glass Menagerie" (for less than the price of dinner at a moderate NY restaurant even). That was definitely in "neat things about New York" category. I threw out a couple of other things which are bound to get my conservative relatives really annoyed, including a mention of the fact that living in this wonderfully open-minded city, I have never seen one of those Marriage = Stick Figure Man + Stick Figure Woman + Stick Figure Child" bumper stickers.

Loup made a funny comment about buying some & then doing a little humorous cutting & pasting to make "Marriage = Stick Figure Man + Stick Figure Man" and other variations on the "Marriage =" theme - I responded by saying that the sticker I'd like to buy would be one that says "Marriage = Heart + Heart" (both hearts being identical red ones of the classic I "Heart" NY variety - my idea being to take away the gender or sexual orientation references entirely and just bring it down to the love between two equal individuals - see what I'm getting at?)

The more I think about it the more I think maybe this might be a neat idea for a gay marriage rights organization to use in the same way whoever sells the stick-figur man stick-figure woman stick-figure child ones - fundraising & communicating a message.

You seemed like a really good person off on whom to bounce this thought. What do you think? Good idea? Not so good? If you think it's good can you suggest any group for me to send it on to? I don't want anything for it or anything like that - just seemed, as I said, like it could be a useful idea in the right place.

Was actually planning on just emailing this to a few more people I thought might like the ide & know what to do with it - but then Scott Chicken read the comment, and has already come up with a design! He combined Loup's idea & mine - it's pretty cool!

Now - I just know I have relatives who are reading this and shaking their heads in amazement that I'm saying this, and no, there's nothing you need to know about me that I haven't told you, it's just that ever since college I have known a lot really nice people who are gay. Don't want to go into why's & wherefore's of my stance on gay marriage right now 'cause I'm writing at Kinko's and it would cost me a bazillion dollars to lay out my thinking here - but long story short, I can't think about the gay marriage issue without thinking about the effect that it has on some people of whom I'm very fond.


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