Thursday, July 07, 2005

I wonder

So still at a loss for words & a ton of work to do & a kayaker meeting for those of us who are doing swim support for the Manhattan circumnav swim race (assuming it doesn't get cancelled because the week has featured torrential downpours daily & the Hudson becomes unswimmable if too much rain falls on NYC, owing to a grandfathered-in way of dealing with - or more like not dealing with - excess water in the sewage system, that's a topic for another day though) but I just had a thought, probably really stupid-sounding but...

I wonder if this means that we'll be seeing those "how to recognize a suicide bomber" posters going back up in the NY subways. There was one at my subway station, posted on the wall beside the stairs down to the Coney Island bound tracks for a long time - it just went away late last year or early this year.

What a world we live in today. I realize that one of the disturbing things is that I wasn't even surprised. Overwhelmingly sad, yes. Replaying my memories of 9/11 again, naturally (isn't everyone).

But not surprised.

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