Friday, July 08, 2005

Snapping out of it to plug some true athletes -

Time to take a break from the heavy deep & real -

Here's a comment I posted at Sea Level (sorry no time to link, great site, he's in kayak section of my blogrolls, worth a gander if you haven't before) figured I'd put it up here, too:

Yo SeaLevel! don't forget to tell the nice folks out there who might happen to be on the Manhattan shoreline (or west side of Roosevelt Island, or either side of the Harlem River) to keep an eye out for the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim folks tomorrow (Saturday).

Starts at South Cove shortly before 9 & they'll be out their swimmin' their insane little hearts out till...well, 6:40 I think is official everybody-outta-the-pool-finished-or-not-time. They head south around the Battery, north up the East Side, then south down the West Side back to Battery Park City.

I wouldn't bet on it being official 'cause it's just been raining so much, the water's gotta be foul, but some of these folks will do it anyways. Give 'em a holler if you see 'em - it's a long & lonely trip down there, they may not be able to hear you but if they do, they'll love it.

I'll be escorting a swimmer around. I'm taking a break from volunteering for the swims this year but I'm making an exception for this one just 'cause it really is pretty incredible. I'm always a little amazed that people actually do this. 28+ miles. Swimming all the way.

I'm also working the swim section of the NYC Triathlon early early Sunday morning - don't have details or time to find but that's another good thing for New Yorkers too cheer on. betcha you can Google it though.

Gotta go now. Tons to do. Won't be back 'til Monday.

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