Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So did anybody actually SEE Manhattanhenge?

So did anyone actually see Manhattanhenge?

As usual I left the office a bit later than planned - my dad called to talk me through the basic picture-taking instructions on that neat new toy he & my mom got me - then there was, as always on Mondays, a set of reports I collect for a weekly summary, all of which have to be finished on Monday or it doesn't work (and which I haven't done in ages anyways just from lack of time)- anyways, long story short, I hopped an express train to 42nd St & got out to discover there was nothing to be seen. I'm just curious whether that was because of the haziness & cloudiness over Jersey, or whether I just missed it. Anybody else catch it?

Anyways, I took no pictures with the new toy but I did play around with it a little bit when I got home - just took random pictures of tchochkies, uploaded 'em to my computer, e-mailed 'em to my folks, and now here's one last experiment...ladies & gentlemen, for your viewing enjoyment, I give you...(drumroll please...):

One mahimahi throw pillow!

Sorry. Yes, I was across the street from the New York Public Library, a few blocks east of the Chrysler Building (my favorite skyscraper in New York), and actually walked through Times Square on my way home, and yet for my first ever posted-to-blog test picture, the best I can do to show you a toy fish. Well, see, there was this book - I saved the trip from being a waste by dashing into Coliseum Books - I'd gone up to see my old friend Am on Sunday, and at one point she pulled out a book she's reading, The Professor and the Madman & mentioned she thought I'd enjoy it - well, I dipped into the first chapter ever so briefly & it's fascinating. So I got it. So suddenly I just wanted to get on the subway & start reading it & walking back to take some test shots using the Chrysler Building as a subject just wasn't going to happen. So instead you get a closeup of a throw pillow - but I am REALLY enjoying the book!

(there, now I've got that out of my system & I can get back to work...)

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