Friday, July 29, 2005

Pale Male Update #I-can't-remember

I know I just sent people to within the last couple of days but I just LOVE the first picture he has up today and I just can't resist sending you over there again!

Me? Cripes. Too many topics, too little time. Actually I'm mulling over one of my periodic rants, not so much a political one as thoughts on water access issues, this time sparked by:

1) A discussion thread on NYCKayaker regarding water access
2) A couple of notable encounters with less-than-aware seeming kayakers while working on the schooner last weekend
3) A trip I joined last night - we went to the Lightship Bar & Grill at the Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey for dinner, and it was the most beautiful night (sorry no pix, as I said to Goofyman last night, "Sometimes, I want to just paddle!" - glorious evening, though) that was marred by the stress of an after-dark crossing with a lot of commercial traffic, and taking a lot of abuse via VHF after announcing our crossing (a step I took in light of all the boats that were in the area - ordinarily I use my VHF in a much more passive fashion, keeping it on so that I can hear announcements & keep tabs on what the big guys are doing, the better to stay out of their way). I hate being yelled at on the VHF when I'm not doing anything wrong. Thing is, I know exactly why they yell at us - seen what the picture looks like from that side myself & I can't entirely blame 'em - we weren't doing anything wrong, but there are some paddlers out there who sort of don't get it, so the occasional kayaker that actually turns out to have a radio & admits to existing makes a convenient proxy on which to unload frustrations.

This all gets me thinking about the way I remember water access being regarded in Hawaii, where I grew up, vs. the way it is here.

We'll see if I ever get to writing the post, though. I still need to finish Staten Island Part II, for starters - I've left us sitting at Ward's Point for days, now, - and then there's a barbecue, and CPR class on Saturday, and working on the schooner on Sunday, and a little celebration for a friend who's found a more congenial job than the one she currently holds here at the Really Big Children's Publishing house on Monday, and on top of all of that I find myself in the most bizarre situation where there are actually 4 different movies I find myself wanting to see - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (can't miss Johnny Depp...although I like him better as a pirate, naturally!), Batman Begins, March of the Penguins, and I'm oddly interested in seeing The Aristocrats, an odd sort of movie which keeps getting oddly good reviews. This is flat-out weird. I'm way out of the mainstream when it comes to entertainment. Ordinarily, at any given time, there will be, at most, one movie that I'd actually be interested in seeing. Whether I actually go is not a given. I'd say I average 2 movies a year. I make up for it by getting so fascinated by some movies that I'll see 'em 3 or 4 times. I think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won in that category - there was just something about that movie - never got tired of it. This business of actually wanting to see 3 or maybe 4 all at the same time, though? That's complicated. That means taking evenings, but evenings this time of year are for paddling. Hmmm. Dilemma. Do I entertain myself, or do I entertain myself?

Boy. I really can't complain about my life much, can I?

And just to round off the to-do list, I suppose some sort of response is in order regarding the looming Spanish-American Pillow War.

Yeeessss...I shall probably attend to that one tonight.

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