Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tsunami on the Hudson...

apropos of a discussion of a North River-style rogue wave (aka "really big wake") that's been emailed around the Pier 63 hold people for the last couple of days - I thought I'd do one more quick lunchtime post & put this up while I'm thinking of it. The weird discrepancies of how wave heights are measured in different places is one of those things that I find really interesting. And guess what, I'm geeky enough to simply assume everybody else reading this will find it equally intriguing.

I ran across this while trying to find that old surfer's adage about wave heights to share with the guys - I was going to be a brat and ask them which measurement they were using. I didn't find it in full but it's something like "a 10-foot wave in Hawaii is a 15-foot wave in California & a 20-foot wave in Jersey". This is owing to the different ways waves are measured in different places - the article explains it pretty well. Plus I like the pictures!

Anyways, I wish I'd been there. Thbbbbt. Me? I was riding a stationary bike in the company gym cause that's all Blister Jed and Blister Ed (the two worst blisters from Saturday's through-the-fog burn - located in perfect symmetry on my left and right upper arms, they were so annoying, I decided they needed names) could handle. Argh.

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