Monday, July 25, 2005

Frogma Virtual Tour #2 - Staten Island Part 1 - Now Open!

Nothing like going from doing a virtual tour of the shortest trip I would ever bother to gear up for, to doing just one of just about the longest trip I would do in a day!

As it turns out, it broke nicely into 2 parts - first leg covering Pier 63 to Ward's Point - the southbound leg - 2nd from Ward's Point, up the Arthur Kill & Kill Van Kull, back out into the harbor and home.

Here's the first half - Staten Island Circumnav Part I!

Sorry very few pix on the way down the harbor - we were running late because I overslept (fear of something just that stupid and anticlimactic and mwah-mwah-mwah-mwaaaaaaah ish was why I was being so paranoid about saying what the big adventure was until it was over - notice that even talking as much as I did almost jinxed it anyways), official launch time was 5:45, our guide had given us 5:45 to 6:00 and once I got myself out the door, I was entirely at the mercy of the early-morning Saturday MTA subway schedule (i.e., few, far between, and prone to slowdowns & mysterious reroutes that make your trip 20 minutes longer than planned...wish I'd gone for the car service as I'd first thought of when we thought our launch time was at 5) - but I made it by 6, my friends were nice enough to wait, and I was on the water in 15 minutes flat - gotta be a record for me, I usually like a nice leisurely start, but I'd done a really good packing job the night before, knowing that thinking is always a challenge for me that early in the morning. With a 6:15 launch, there was no time for photography - plus, as you'll see, it was pretty dark & gloomy.

Well, at least that saves that piece of the river for a Frogma Virtual Tour to the Statue of Liberty someday! This new camera my folks got me just makes it so much easier. Yay folks!

In fact it was the combination of being late & it being so very, very, very gray that made me forget to take the one minute to pull out the sunblock I always have in my day hatch...still kicking myself when I think of how much end-of-trip pain I could have spared myself if I'd only done that...oh well, lesson learned.

That's it for now - lunch break over, back to work! Hope you enjoy Virtual Tour #2 part 1!

( what else can I do with my new camera It's all too much fun - best birthday present in ages!)

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