Saturday, April 07, 2007

4/7/07 Jamaica Bay afternoon paddle

Paddled for a couple of hours this afternoon. Cold & windy, but it felt good to get a bit of a workout. SPECTACULAR skies. Headed out in the Elder's Point Marsh direction today - no particular destination, just here & there, moving along well with the occasional birdwatching pauses. Looking at the chart afterwards I think I did about 8 miles. Going to sleep WELL tonight.

Spring is definitely sprung at Sebago.

The gardening committee's been shopping!

And there's a breeding pair of ospreys working on a nest on the platform at Canarsie Pol. Sorry, much closer than this & they started looking at me funny, so I backed off. Wondering if I'm going to have to get a camera with a proper zoom...

Passing the nest again on the way back. Osprey with aforementioned spectacular sky. I don't think she budged all afternoon. He was moving around a bit more - chasing pesky seagulls & such.

And I was going to post a few more spectacular sky shots, but the upload thing just gave me an error message and I'm too tired to fight with it...need to go rinse off the salt & get to bed!

Here's wishing a very happy & peaceful Easter to those who celebrate!

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