Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How weaselly is the AFA?

OK, I haven't gone all NYC liberal on folks for a long time but I just got an email from a blogger friend that made me go "YUCK!" & I just have to say something here.

If you think homosexuality is a choice, head on down to "YIKES!", or come back tomorrow when I hope to have more pictures of pretty boats.

Anyone still here? OK...I'm no trendsetter, but I'm going to try. This one, unlike a certain bumper sticker, doesn't actually require any follow-through on my part - the good thing is, other people had the same idea & you CAN buy a Marriage=heart + heart bumper sticker on cafepress.

Here's the deal. Those lovely folks at the American Family Association have put up a one-question survey. Goes like this:

If a corporation supports the homosexual agenda, would you:
1. Be more likely to do business with that company
2. Be less likely to do business with that company
3. It would not affect my buying decision

Simple, huh?

The catch is that not only is it not random, they've totally stacked the deck to get the answer they want to send to corporations - i.e., "Our survey showed that an overwhelming percentage of respondents would be less likely to do business with a company that supports the homosexual agenda". How've they made sure they get that, even more than by just posting it on their website (random sample? but that's so...random!)? Well -

They make you give your contact info.

I don't like giving my contact info to any kind of not for profit. I am a low-level but regular contributor to any number of good organizations but that has of course led to my being on every frickin' appeal-to-the-heart junk mail list in North America. I'm constantly afraid of losing important stuff in the mountains of junk mail. I haven't seen half my dining room table since my parents' visit last October because it's the staging area for my mail sorting. I HATE that. So wasteful. Here's a MADD pen. Here's a chain to remind you of the children enslaved in prostitution. Here's some cards, here's some return address labels, here's a little ornament, now please send us money. Well, what these mooks don't get is that I have never given a DIME to an unsolicited appeal like that & never will, and am becoming less and less inclined to give to groups like the March of Dimes, Doctors Without Borders, the USO, and other groups that I WOULD like to support because it leads to SO MUCH BLASTED JUNK!!!!

Oops. Sorry. This is a sore spot for me.

Anyways - if I'm now at the point where the only way I want to give money to groups support wholeheartedly is ANONYMOUSLY, how much less likely am I to want to give my contact info to an organization like the AFA that I so profoundly disagree with?

Nope. I'm actually more likely to want to do business with a company that treats gay employees with equal dignity & respect as straights, but my reluctance to give the AFA my contact info overwhelmed my inclination to tell them that.

But I answered pseudonymously. If they somehow check, I'm sure my answer gets chucked. If they don't, yay.

And maybe if a lot of blogs post the link & send people over to fill out the form pseudonymously, it'll at least...

oh, heck, I don't know. Right now their results are 188,722 are less likely to do business vs 6238 more likely (& 3496 who don't care whether Steve's partner Sherman is covered under the same policy as Gwen's husband George). That's a lot of catching up to do.

Can't not try, though.

Here's the link to the survey.

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