Tuesday, April 24, 2007


OK...I had this nice theory that foregoing the part-time work on the schooner Adirondack this year would free up my weekends. ha. ha ha. ha ha ha.

Lunch hour today was spent making a couple of decisions & looking at a couple of calendars and the schedule fell out as follows. This makes my head hurt a little bit, actually...

May 12th - possibly a surf clinic if the club that's running it is OK with that. This would be in Hawaii Kai. Guess what? THAT IS ON OAHU! With my guy (this is assuming my guy thinks this sounds like fun - and I do believe he will, yes I do, yep yep yep). WOOHOO!

May 18th - 20th - teach at Hudson Valley Kayak Symposium. Bad me, I'll be missing the Sebago Open House on the 19th.

May 26th, CPR. Prereq for Coach II training. Thank goodness I still have a year to go on my first aid.

June 2nd, Canoe Safety. Prereq for Coach II training. There was some discussion of me requesting a deferral because I've been doing paddling work all along, but I decided I should take it since most of the work has been as a rolling instructor. Not much guiding which is where the canoe safety skills really stay brushed up.

June 10th, Trip Leader Workshop at Sebago. This bit of the gauntlet is a problem. I'm asking Gerry about it, bleah. I really, really, REALLY, want to go to the Miramar Yacht Club sailing day. On top of that my sister's decided she actually wants to visit for the first time in years. Fortunately she is very self-sufficient & may go do the Victorian Flatbush House Tour during the day. She loves stuff like that. Or maybe I'll see if there'd be room for me to bring a guest on the sail. Hope that wouldn't be too forward!

June 16th-17th, 2 star coach training.

June 23rd-24th - CRIPES. Sailing clinic, or GREENLAND ON THE HUDSON? AUUUGH! No...actually I will probably go for the sailing - I'll be attending a Kayakways workshop through the Small Boat Shop in July, I've been psyched about the sailing workshop since I heard about it, and with all this stuff on the schedule I think the simplicity of staying in Brooklyn will be preferable to going up to Croton Point.

I'll do some links for some of the events tonight, assuming I get home at a decent hour. Still at work, much I still want to finish before I go. Miles to go before I sleep...

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