Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day (a little late!)

Now I just hope this is happy earth.

I decided that gardening at Sebago would be the perfect thing to do on Earth Day. Helped out with compost spreading & grass seed sowing in the morning, then got this far on the bed after lunch. Didn't get enough soil to fill it, but I'm finally feeling like I might actually manage to do some planting sometime before the Fall.

A couple more pictures from the garden.

What a perfect spring weekend. All sort of birds around - there was a constant, distant chorus of laughing gulls from the bay; there were mockingbirds perching on the tops of trees (I watched one singing away & at one point it did this little leap about 2 feet up & flashed the white bits on it's wings - quite the show!); there was also a boat-tailed grackle around, and one of the birders pointed out a little brown bird as a hermit thrush - she was quite excited to see it as she said this is pretty early for these to be getting back into town.

The parakeets were in and out of their nest all day - in the past, they've sat there & hollered at anybody gardening in the front of the club, but they seem to be accepting that this is part of the territory).

Most interesting wildlife find of the day, though, went to L., who found the tiniest little snake I've ever seen - he caught it by the boat storage containers, brought it over to show us (sorry, I didn't have my camera), then released it in a less heavily-trafficked area.

Decided against trying to paddle & I'm rather glad, for once. Sometimes it makes for a better weekend if you don't try to cram TOO much into it. Getting the bed mostly put to bed, so to speak, was worth it.

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