Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Historic Hudson Film Night & Bon Voyage to the Schooner Anne!

This just in in the email. I went to this last year, it was great (although it was out on the barge & it was COLD!). Don't know if I'll be able to go this year but HAD to post it here! I've been working very hard lately & as I mentioned, I've haven't had much quiet time at home lately, and this weekend's shaping up to be pretty busy - but this IS a wonderful way to see a bit of New York's maritime history. Mmm, looking at that selection again - early 1950's promotional film about the Queen Elizabeth? That's got to be great...and Moran tugs, why they're a fixture in NY Harbor with the big white M on their stacks, that short film's tempting...
Seats are still available

2nd Annual New York Harbor Historic Films Program
This Thursday April 19, 2007 7:00 P.M.

A two-hour presentation by film historian Mitch Dakelman
Norwegian Seaman's Church
317 East 52nd St. (Between 1st & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10022

30 minutes
Produced by Marc S Balkin

20 minutes
Film about the Moran Tugs.

35 minutes - Color with narration
Produced in the early 1950s by John Bransby Productions for Cunard Lines, this promotional film showcases the RMS Queen Elizabeth and what passengers can expect on their journey, starting in New York City and ending in England. Launched by Cunard in September 1938, this magnificent 83,637-ton 1,031-foot-long vessel was the largest passenger ship in the world until 1962. With 761 cabins, she carried 2,283 passengers in luxurious comfort.

The film depicts the Queen in all her majesty, offering an extensive full-color tour of her living, dining, and recreational facilities. From her classic cabins, kitchens, swimming pools and huge deck spaces to her elegant dining rooms, this film is a lasting tribute to the RMS Queen Elizabeth, which met a very unfortunate end in Hong Kong harbor in early 1972.

Free for members of the Working Harbor Committee
$10.00 for non-members (includes membership)
Refreshments available

Brought to you by
The Working Harbor Committee

Reservations essential - to reserve:
Email John@HiddenHarborTours.Com
Visit WorkingHarbor.org

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Sat19 May 2007 – 11 AM – 3 PM

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And since I'm posting events - here's another pretty exciting one - might even say once in a lifetime, as I don't ever expect to hear of anyone else challenging this record that the Schooner Anne sets out to try to reach starting this coming Saturday!

Yes, it's a Bon Voyage Party for Reid, Soanya and the Schooner Anne - see them off on their long-awaited 1000 Days at Sea (Non-stop. Did I mention non-stop? that's the wild part. Anyone could go while away 3 years most enjoyably cruising from port to port - but the ports are half the fun, at least to my rather unimaginative way of thinking. 1000 days non-stop? I could never do it, I'd go completely mad. But I think it's awesome somebody's actually going to try it). Here's their blog, and here's the info for the bon voyage party.

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