Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Upcoming Events...and The Rustbucket Gang is Still Holding Their Collective Breath.

OK, got a hit from somebody doing a Google search under "hudson river trust rfp Pier 66". I'm not the only one dying of curiousity, so fast post here to say -

I don't know.

No official word yet; I emailed my friend Richard at MKC and they don't know yet either. Sigh. I'm scared to email the Trust and ask them, because then if they decided to give it to New York Kayak Company instead of the barge gang...it will somehow be my fault. Rationally I know that's not true but there's SO much of the human mind that's NOT rational that I'm afraid to ask.

Trust me though (pun unavoidable), there will not be a long lag behind my hearing and it turning up here.

A couple of other QUICK items of interest before I return to my forecasting -

1. The Working Harbor Committee has posted a Calendar of Events for 2007. Maybe since I'm not (really, no, I'm not) working on the schooner this year (I mean it, seriously, I'm not), I'll actually manage to go on one of their highly-regarded Hidden Harbor Tours!

2. OMG. Speaking of way-way-out-there voyages... Reid says he's leaving on April 21st for his epic 1000 Days at Sea voyage. I left a comment in the last post about how I like boating, but also enjoy the going-ashore part at the end of a long day...well, the stated plan is that Reid, Soanya and the schooner Anne won't be going ashore for just shy of THREE YEARS.

He's been looking for crew from time to time. Somehow, I have never been in the least bit tempted, but I'll follow their voyage with the same fascination as I've followed his extended preparations. If they actually pull it off? That will be a truly astounding feat of endurance. And tolerance. I could never do it. Nope. Nu-uh. Notice this blog is named after an amphibian? No coincidence there.

Anyways. Wow. Best of luck to Reid & Soanya. Gogogo! (and go, and go, and go...)

Thanks to Tugster for the tip-off!

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