Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sea of People

Just wanted to put up another quick plug for this Saturday's Sea of People event.

I was hoping to go, take some pictures, but something came up that's actually more important to me...actually there are about 4 different things I would have liked to do on Saturday & there being only one me, I had to make a decision. Never claimed to be a real activist. However - it sounds like a really interesting way to get a message across, so I'm going to take advantage of my moment in the Curbed spotlight to mention this again!

The idea is - get as many blue-clad people to gather in Battery Park at noon on April 14th; hold a rally; then have those people form a living depiction of where lower Manhattan's high-water mark would be if the ocean levels rose 10 feet.

Here's a video they've put together:

And here's a website that got posted on one of our local kayak listserves that's got animated models of the flooding that Category II hurricanes would cause to 3 major coastal US cities given a far more moderate rise in sea levels - (between 2 & 3 feet).

Gave rise to much lighthearted banter about how useful our kayaks would become...but y'know, if it really happened, I don't think we'd find it to be a laughing matter. Not by a long shot.

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