Monday, April 02, 2007

Another Frogma Public Service Announcement

This in on NYCKayaker on Sunday from one of the local paddlers who's done a fair amount. Too tired for a post of my own tonight but just thought I'd pass this along. Not for me, but who knows?
To NYCKayaker:

We have a swimmer who needs a team of really strong kayaker(s) with good skills and endurance to escort her on a "one of a kind" swim. You must have a valid passport. The schedule is still being created. All expenses would be paid at completion of the swim.

We look forward to hearing from you. Here is the plan and the route.

Step 23 is the critical one.

Best wishes, R.C.


past my bedtime now. One last thing though - there's this weird-lookin' thing that shares the storage container with the Romany and the ski. Strikes me that Joe "I'm tired of sake, weekend wahines, Friday fish and lurkers" Rouse might have something to say about it, maybe --

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