Friday, April 20, 2007

The Night Before The Thousand Days

What do you think it would be like to be spending your last night dockside before you cast off for 1000 days at sea?

Would you be thrilled?


1000 days.

That's two people sailing a 70-foot schooner for two and three-quarter years.

Long time. Storms will be rough. Can't stand watches with two people, it's all hands on deck 'til everything blows through, I'd think. Doldrums might be preferable. No hurry, all they have to do is stay out there to succeed.

I wonder how they feel tonight. Got to be strange feeling the designated hour marching closer & closer, after all the years of imagining & preparing.

I wonder if they'll sleep tonight - or if they are just spending their last evening ashore, saying goodbye to all their friends & family properly, before the press conference.

What can it possibly feel like?

I can't imagine.

Can you?

1000 days.

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