Tuesday, April 17, 2007

News at 11:13

Well, long day at work, fastest of link postings before I flee this joint.

Most New York folks have probably heard about this by now but for the non-residents, our big harbor news today was of a small whale who's possibly lost it's mother & has wandered into the Gowanus Canal. That's the Gowanus Canal up above, I took it during a great walk in Red Hook I took last summer - went to see a Caribbean dance performance & wander around. Took a few pictures, of course. Anyways, though, this is no place for a whale even on a clean-water day, let alone after this deluge...I'm keeping my fingers crossed but it just doesn't sound like a good situation for the poor little (relatively speaking) thing.

In happier news - there's a really nice article about a lot of peoples' favorite greenland rolling/yoga gurus, Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson, in the Hartford Courant. You can read it here!

Still stunned by yesterday's terrible news about the shootings at Virginia Tech. I don't have anything worth saying about them anymore than I did about the dissappearance of Andrew McCauley so close to the end of his Tasmanian Sea crossing.

That was tragic - but at least he died chasing a dream, and had to have known that there was a chance of not making it...

Those kids...


Sorry. I guess although I don't have anything worth saying to say, I wanted to at least give them the respect of mention.

Go read the Cheri & Turner article. It's nice. It'll make you smile (especially if you've ever had the good fortune to cross paths with them).

Right, that's it, going home now!

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