Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sun sun sun here it comes!

Or rather there it goes, it was still pretty grim-looking this morning, although the storm's well behind us now. Tonight, though, I walked out of work into a perfect Spring evening. I ended up wandering out to Sheepshead Bay after work. Drop-dead gorgeous sunset. Sweet.

Actually it's funny, I went out to Sheepshead Bay tonight with the intent of taking a picture of one of the fishing fleet that had evidently sunk at the dock in the deluge. TQ came down last night for our first real date since March (most fortuitously, our Spring busy times coincided perfectly, his shop has a big spring sale that he was tied up getting ready for, while I was in chained-to-cubicle-until-08-budget-is-done mode - it's officially pretty much done now, HURRAY!) and I decided it would be fun to go to this Turkish restaurant out there for dinner. TQ likes a good beer, and this place, Liman, has Efes, a very wonderful Turkish pilsener. My first visit to this place was a couple of weeks back with Mr. SeaLevel & Hinemoa before one of the Miramar sailing classes - I think I may have mentioned Mr. SL's inspired description of this beer, which was "What you really want Budweiser to taste like, only it never does..."

They also have this appetizer that involves taking goat cheese & maybe some herbs, rolling it up in phyllo dough, and frying it. OMG.

Oops, didn't really mean to lapse into restaurant review mode but doesn't the thought of little crispy shells full of hot melted goat cheese sound good?

If you eat the entire plate of 6 your arteries explode, of course. Next time maybe I'll make it past the appetizer list, get an entree, and split the goat cheese roll as an appetizer. I think 2 or 3 would be the perfect level of indulgence.

Anyways, to get there, you walk out to Emmons Avenue & stroll past the fishing piers, and as I started to say, one of the fishing boats had sunk, and since this week's theme seems to be sad & gloomy (weather, news, big big sigh) I figured a picture of a sunken boat would fit in perfectly. So off I went to Sheepshead Bay for the second night in a row, only to find that the boat's people had been EXTREMELY busy - not only had they refloated the boat, but it actually looked like they'd already repainted! Think they'd been in the process of a Spring spruce-up anyhow, so they must have gotten an incredibly early start, refloated, scrubbed, let dry & then carried on with the painting. Those folks must have been EXHAUSTED by the end of all that - they did some incredible work, you would never know the boat had been sitting on the bottom of its' slip in an oil-containment-boom corral the day before.

So no, no sunken-boat pictures. Just another glorious evening on yet another interesting part of the NYC waterfront.

Actually, it's nicer that way.

Also nice is that I think we're getting to the point here in NYC where there's enough daylight to start doing some post-work outdoor activity more regularly. Maybe not for paddling -- we're still in drysuit season, as far as wimpy Hawaii-raised I am concerned, makes for a lot of prep time & a lot of stuff to be schlepping on the subway at rush hour -- but I'm thinking that heading out to the club for some post-work gardening would be a nice way to end a work day.

Can't WAIT for post-work PADDLING to get going.

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