Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here Comes The -




Baydog said...

Pureed with olive oil and drizzled on everything in the universe. Freakin right, Yaaaaaaaaaay! Now I'm just waiting on the Jersey corn and tomatoes and life will be good. Better than good.

Okay, how about this: Seared Atlantic City Sea Scallops on Jersey sweet corn and tomato relish, drizzled with sweet basil oil and snipped chives.
Drink of your choice.

Can I make a reservation for 2 at seven?

Carol Anne said...

Baydog, are you planning to dine with all of us in turn? Awesome plan.

Interesting thought ... If each of us in the Tillerspehere were to host one evening for all of the rest of us to come and dine, what a great time it would be! And what fascinating travel!

Baydog said...

I'm in. GastroTour 2010, or maybe 2011. Pilgrimages to fellow bloggers' home sailing waters and eating their favorite foods. And drinking too. Duh. Hmmmmmmmmmm...... I'll talk to my people. Seriously. We may have something here.

O Docker said...


It just comes up all by itself?

You don't even have to plant it?

Ooooh, you basil moguls really know how to rub it in.

Where have I failed in life? I'm so depressed.

Baydog said...

Isn't Rice-a-roni an indigenous food to San Francisco? We could stay on the Catalina, O Docker. Right?

O Docker said...

It may be marketed as 'The San Francisco Treat', Baydog, but it's actually grown in the vast Rice-A-Roni fields of the central valley.

The real harvesting trick is getting the pasta to mature at the same time as the rice.

bonnie said...

This sounds FANTASTIC!

I actually had my first meal of the year based on what I'd picked in the garden last night. Hadn't had a chance to weed for a while & was happy to find that there was a lot of young lambs-quarters - some call it a weed, but when you can sautee it in olive & sesame oil with fresh-picked onions & herbs, throw in sundried tomatoes, some garlic & a can of salmon you had in the cabinet & then add cooked jasmine rice & have it for dinner, is it a weed?

O-docker, I did plant seeds a few weeks back. Usually I get impatient & go get some seedlings to inspire the seeds but I have been so busy this year that they had enough time to come up on their own!

What I didn't have to plant this year were tomatoes - had about 8 come up on their own, I only interfered so far as to move them to the corner of the garden in which I like the tomatoes to be.

Yes, can't wait.

Making a trip to Jersey with my folks weekend after next & have asked if we can make a trip to Crane's farm stand - that place & the corn, tomatoes & peaches we used to get there is such a central feature of my memories of visiting my grandparents when they were still alive. Always loved that place, we'd shuck the corn on Grandma & Daddy Fred's big breezy back porch & then have a feast...mmm. Suddenly I'm hungry.

I know that they won't have the corn & tomatoes yet but it'll make me happy to have some jars of jelly from Crane's at home.

Verification word - cocans. What they put cocola in down South.

bonnie said...

Dessert in SF -- Ghiradelli Chocolate!

Baydog said...

Bonnie: Thank you for saying "shuck" corn. Many people will correct you and say "husk". I like shucking corn and oysters much better.

bonnie said...

Do the people who husk the corn shell the oysters?

Tillerman said...


bonnie said...

Rhubarb-strawberry crostini with creme fraiche!

(that's what my sister had for dessert at one of my favorite local restaurants tonight - yummy!)

Carol Anne said...

In Arkansas, you "shuck" corn. In Nebraska, you "husk" it.

M12aeganT_Moe12 said...
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my2fish said...

Chinese SPAM is delicious with a little dash of basil.


O Docker said...
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bonnie said...

F! chinese spam!