Friday, May 07, 2010

Vote For Bowsprite (or, uh, me..)

And here's a little lunchtime something for those of you who just don't give a flounder's fart about the water access politics on NYC...

Carol Haywood, the artist behind the Trawlers & Tugs: Art of the Working Boat blog (one of the more recent additions to the "Generally Salty" section of my blogroll) is having a little contest in celebration of her 100th post. Each of her posts features an artist who specializes in nautical themes. I actually found her blog for the first time after one of my occasional looks to see who's linking to me. I followed the link over to find that she'd posted a link to my old Buzznet gallery from my first visit to the Graveyard of Ships (not counting the MKC "toxic tour" where we turned back 5 minutes shy of the actual yard).

Now, I think I've taken some not-bad pix with my 3 little Pentaxes, but I do not consider myself an artist and I'm insanely flattered to be included in company like that.

I told her about Bowsprite right away of course - Bowsprite being one of my favorite roving artists of NY Harbor (Harry's another) - and Carol did a great post on her, too.

The 100th day contest is simple - you vote for your favorite artist, and you try to predict who's going to win. There is actually a very nice prize for one lucky voter!

3 Trawlers & Tugs links & then I'm going back to work:

Here are the rules & Carol's email address

Here is our wonderful Bowsprite's post

And look, here's me! Hee hee! Bonnie K. Frogma, photographer...I do like that.

Obviously I think everybody should vote for Bowsprite (or me, if you really really want to!) - but don't cheat yourself by just sending an email without taking a look at the others! Spend some time browsing the site, there's some amazing stuff over there & I swear if Bowsprite wasn't in there, I really don't know how I could have picked a favorite.


bowsprite said...

i vote for the right to have 100 chances to vote! and i'd use up all 100 on other folks--and one for you! I love her site, love the artists she finds! (but thank you, Frogma!)

bonnie said...

I was thinking that if you weren't in there, I'd have had to pick by a digital pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey routine - grab my mouse, close my eyes & take a random shot at that link list.

There are so many different unique styles, all delightful, charming, or beautiful in their own ways. Apples to oranges. Mangos to kumquats.

Anonymous said...
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bonnie said...

stupid spammers

Bursledon Blogger said...

I've been a fan of bowsprite for some time,but your wreck photo's get my vote!

Carol Anne said...

Oddly, I don't get those kinds of spam -- but then, my blog's been banned in China. I guess that applies to Chinese spammers, too.

Baydog said...

The salty kind