Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Just futzing around with a paintbox for fun tonight.

Oystercatchers make me laugh. They go puttering around in little groups and they are constantly hollering at each other. They're really loud and insistent and it seems like whatever it is they are saying to each other, it's Really! Really! Really! Important!

They're a summer resident in Jamaica Bay & I think one of the earlier to arrive. I feel like spring is really setting in when I start hearing that unmistakable, impossible to ignore "Wheet! Wheet! Wheeeeeeetweetweetweetweetweet!" mixed in with the wintertime brant's "hrnk, hrnk, hrnk".


Pandabonium said...

Nice painting.

Oyster—n., a person who sprinkles his or her conversation with Yiddish expressions.

will said...

i like it . . . oystercatchers as singing and dancing rockettes . . . oysterettes?? sounds like a costume idea for the mermaid parade???

bonnie said...

Ooooh. Nice pun, Panda-sama!

Will, I would like to propose official Oysterette pickup line:

"Hello, sailor. Want to see my pearl?"

hee hee hee.

O Docker said...

Vey to go, Panda.