Friday, May 14, 2010

Very good class -

Home, tired & need to turn in but first, just wanted to say "Thanks" to all the people who put on tonight's Paddle Smart class. I've been hearing good things about this class since I first started hearing about it a couple of years ago & now I can join in and say good things about it too.

Naturally there were a few things they covered that I already knew. I never mind refreshers, though.

But I also learned some new things, was reminded of some old things that maybe I sort of hadn't thought about in a long time, and (maybe best of all) - there were several times when I found myself listening to someone talking about something that I really, truly would have said I knew - but coming at it from a different enough angle that it was like learning it all over again.

So if you're a paddler or rower & you hear about one of these being given in your area, I really recommend going!

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