Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Powerboat Video Ever: My Vote

This one, Tillerman!

Please note - I think it's actually funnier if you have the sound turned down, as I do at work.


Baydog said...

Bonnie: Not complaining, but you haven't exactly been quiet after proclaiming you'd be that. ;)

Good clip. How did I know that was gonna happen?

Pat said...

Obviously, they forgot to seat their buckle boat or some such highly technical error.

JP said...

Very funny :)

It reminds me of the emergency stop manoeuvre we were taught on the RYA powerboat course which is to very quickly put engine in neutral and then turn hard to port/starboard.

It's meant to be a bit like a skier stop, and our instructor did it twice as it was just great fun.

However the RYA course does not let students actually practice it, which is unusual. The reason being that if the engine is in power when you do the turn then you flip the boat.

Not sure if that's what happened here, but it could be.

bonnie said...

Yes, I have been managing to post without really spending any time on it. Left one of the things that makes blogging so much fun out of my considerations when I figured I'd be pretty much shutting down here until june. Call it the "interactor factor"! I may not have the time & focus to write anything, but I keep reading other people's & wanting to respond. Bowsprite's post I just thought did a great job of giving the current problem some solid context (I also knew nothing about drilling but didn't even that it might help make more sense of things to do a little basic research on the industry) and of course when Tillerman called for best powerboat video ever, I thought of this one, which had been on the late lamented EliBoat. Decided last night that I had to find it.

So maybe it's not gonna be so quiet here after all!

bonnie said...

And JP, interesting idea. I just figured the boat stopped because it was rigged up with a deadman's switch of some sort but the manuever that results in the boat lesson becoming a flying lesson does look like what you describe.