Monday, May 17, 2010

Pop Quiz

__ __ __

__ __

__ . . .


. . .

. .



What am I reviewing & did I get it right?


Holly Sears said...

looks good to me... I've got ear plugs and plenty of horns.

Holly Sears said...

Next - Flags!

bonnie said...


And Tillerman reminded me about the "Attention, I'm starting the start now" series of short blasts before the three-minute signal.

I forgot about earplugs! Thanks!

Buck said...

I'm a ham radio operator and I use Morse code (CW) during radio contests. I can read this (although it's easier to hear it!) but I'll be darned if I can understand it.

I read:
numerals 50

Pat said...

Gerald also recently became a ham. Well, he's always been sort of a ham, but several weeks ago it became official when he got his technician and general licenses.

Unfortunately, the call of the day a couple of weeks ago was ... - - - ... as we lost a dear friend in a tragic accident at Elephant Butte Lake on May 1st.

bonnie said...

Was he there that day?

I haven't linked but I've been following. So hard to read. We all know these things can happen - in fact I come in for occasional teasing from the predictable annual return of my doom & gloom spring safety rants - but somehow it's easy to lose sight of the fact that sometimes things do happen to people who know what they are doing. It's supposed to be some anonymous person that those things happen to, you read the story in the paper & shake your head & think "How sad" but figure it's just another person who didn't know the risks & went out inadequately prepared for the conditions.

It's not supposed to happen to an experienced racing sailor who everyone loves for his attitude & competence.

I hope they are able to find your friend, both for closure (and like Carol Anne, I don't like the word "closure" but in this case, yes, it makes sense) and hopefully for answers to whatever questions the investigators haven't been able to answer.

O Docker said...
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bonnie said...

Oh - and this isn't Morse code - this is my notation of the Appendix S 3-minute starting sequence. Saturday is Sebago's 2nd annual Laser regatta & I'm on the committee boat blowing the horn for the starts. Holly (our racing co-chair) has the sequence on a laminated sheet & I'll have that if I space out somehow, but I think I'm less likely to blow it if I know it. Well, I'll still be blowing it but I'll blow it right. Got that?

moonstruck said...

I should have known that!!! I use it to start the Chelsea Dink Nationals every year.

Dennis G

moonstruck said...

3 2 1 30 20 10 54321

Dennis G

Baydog said...

dash dash dash
dash dash
dash dot dot dot
dot dot dot
dot dot
dot dot dot dot dot daaaaaaaaaaaash

What Buck said. And I'm only a ham

bonnie said...

I should've said, right off the bat:

Hint #1: I don't speak Morse.

Pandabonium said...

My trombone just ran out of air.

bonnie said...

Perhaps that is why dinghy race starting sequences are not traditionally blown on the larger members of the brass family.

Can't think of any other reasons. Trombones are fine with salt water, right? After all, they are the instrument that's traditionally played for the dancing of the hornpipe, right?

O Docker said...

Isn't that why they invented the double bell euphonium?