Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook Like A Pirate.

For those who are on Facebook - this is almost as much fun as asking Google Maps for directions from Brooklyn to London.

Go to the very bottom of your Facebook page. On the left side (next to Facebook 2010) in little blue letters, you'll see "English(US)". Click on it. When the language list appears, click on English(Pirate).

Via a friend of a friend of an actual friend who posted that his son is in a major pirate phase. Poor kid, not much salt water in Illinois, I think they should move back to NYC!!!


Carol Anne said...

Gerald has his Facebook page set to Pirate.

Tillerman said...

Just tried it. LOL.

What would be even more fun would be to make this change to someone else's Facebook without their knowledge. Or even better... the option for English (Upside Down).

Verification word: beards. I'm convinced some real person reads the comments and generates these words.

Pat said...

Aye lass, we knows ye be havin' fun, but is not ye pyrat tung a wee bit ARRRH-chaic?

Don said...

I've read one of the word verifiers uses words scanned out of books that the OCR can't figure out, so your effort benefits the internet archive.
Maybe consensus to determine the right answer?

I be read'n pirate on me facebook now.

matthew houskeeper said...

Does this mean everything I READ is in Pirate, or does it mean everything I write to others is in PIRATE?????
Big Question, Fair Lady