Thursday, May 06, 2010

Rules of the Road & Cooperation Meeting - plus followup meetings for comprehensive waterfront plan link.

Quick post on a busy day - hot off the email, here's an excellent writeup of that Rules of the Road meeting last week - the one that was in the middle of the work day.

I had been meaning to throw out a question - maybe we could even call it a writing challenge, a la Tillermaan - for those of you who boat in urban waters. The situation in NY Harbor has an interesting spin because the place was so polluted for so long that recreational boating had really dropped off in popularity. The tugs & tankers had the place more or less to themselves for a long time. There were always a few determined people who kept playing out there, but there's been a huge resurgence since the harbor has become cleaner.

Every time the issue comes up, with or without references to horses, bicycles or children on highways, I find myself wondering how things work in harbors where recreation never waned. San Francisco, Boston, Hong Kong, Sydney, Venice, Seattle, wherever you are - near or far, if you're dodging freighters & ferries when you're out for fun, or if you're on the freighters of ferries being dodged, I'd love to read a little bit of how things are handled in your little piece of our wide watery world.

And before I dash, I should also add that the Metropolitan Waterfront Association also has full info & links about the 6 breakout workshops for NYC's Comprehensive Waterfront Plan up now on


O Docker said...

Hmm, may do a short post on this.

I've got to put up something less confusing than my latest post.

Baydog said...
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Baydog said...

Lately, more or less of my confusion is due to putting up with O Docker's posts ;) I am of a much simpler mind.

bonnie said...

O Docker, I'd be particularly curious about San Francisco Bay because I've been there, I've boated there (actually did some of my first American Canoe Association coastal kayak instructor training there, what a great experience that was) & it seems like a good parallel to NY Harbor. Main difference being that I get the sense that anybody who started talking about limiting recreational boating would be laughed out of the room (and of course the SF sailing anarchy crowd would be waiting for the poor sap in the back alley).

Of course a person who'd only made one or trips on NY Harbor might have a similar impression - the politics come out more onshore, in conference rooms & auditoriums.

bonnie said...

btw...did anybody else watch O Docker's clip & notice an uncanny resemblance between the narrator and Box the Insane Food Storage Robot on Logan's Run?