Friday, May 07, 2010

Observation re Waterwire article - Best reason of all to put the horse to bed.

Excerpt from an email to a friend...

Interesting final quote from Capt. Mahlmann in the Waterwire article - he went through the horse/bike-on-a-highway party line but then he kept going & what he closed with makes so much sense...

"I believe there are already plenty of rules in effect -- and they can't enforce those rules, so making more unenforceable rules wouldn't work. Education of the small boating community is the best we can do."

I read that & think maybe we're more on the same page than I thought. That horse or bike on a highway thing just puts us paddlers so much on the defensive, I think we stop listening once it's said.

Remember my diatribe about why it was time to put the horse to bed?

I think that was all "bloggerhea" compared to the this last reason that the "horse on a highway" line should be retired.

That being because the minute somebody says that phrase, they've almost guaranteed that a bunch of people who should be listening & may have been listening will stop listening.

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