Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Photo taken in January '07 on what I think remains the quietest day I ever saw in Jamaica Bay (except for the police practicing with their helicopter at the helipad). Trip report & more pictures from that day here.

Fiscal year-end close at the end of the month means it's probably going to be a quiet rest of May here at Frogma.

There are some activities planned at the club on the next couple of weekends that'll be great picture taking opportunities. Trip Leader Training this coming Saturday, a two-adults-in-a-Sunfish workshop on Sunday, and then our 2nd Annual Laser Regatta on the 22nd, and there's a Blessing of the Fleet in here somewhere, so I'm sure I'll be tossing up some pictures from those on weekends! I'm really hoping to go to the PaddleSmart workshop at Pier 66 on Thursday & if I can make it, I'll definitely post a quick review, but for the most part the next 3 weeks are just going to be Work Work Work.

Can't decide whether I can't wait for Memorial Day Weekend, or whether I'm terrified at how soon it's going to be here.

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