Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For O!


Presenting the New and Improved Frogma Kayak Smiley, Patent Pending - Now With Better Blade Angles, And No More Ugly "Spacing Dots"!

Thanks, O-Docker!

PS - check yesterday's "Sunfish Fantasy" comments if you actually want to know what this is about.

PPS - And speaking of For O, did everybody see Hawaii Five-O is coming back? YAY!!! Book 'em, Danno!


O Docker said...


to        help.

Tillerman said...


bubbles said...

Wow, you guys are, like



that's    too    kewl!

O Docker said...

Bubbles, taking up space is one of the few things I'm any good at.

Some IT people devote hours to the science of creating empty space.

I and Mr. Tillerman have blogged at length about this. And, at width, too.

bonnie said...

Hm. Maybe I should change the name of this post to "Space Odyssey"?

Or would "oddity" be more like it?

Oh my. Word verification:


I don't know what it means, but I LIKE it!

O Docker said...

A Galazzle is a galaxy very far away, but somewhere near Las Vegas.

bonnie said...

give 'em the ol'
gah-lazzle dazzle,
galazzle-dazzle 'em!

bonnie said...

NO! That's galazzleabulous!

I wasn't even going to leave a comment, but my new verification is brant!

3 cheers for brants! Hrnk! Hrnk! Hrnk!

bubbles said...

And people call ME a space cadet?

Andy Novick said...

Hawaii 5-0 wow...
however, you ever wonder why the actor Kam Fong took the character name Chin Ho? Wasnt Kam Fong good enough?

how about the lyrics to the show:

Hawaii 5-0 Lyrics:
(really bad)

If you get in trouble
Bring it home to me
Whether I am near you
Or across the sea

I will think of something to do
I'll be on the lookout for you
And I'll find you
You can count on me

And don't you let 'em get you
Up against the wall
'Cause I'll be there to catch you
And I won't let you fall

Call me if they hit you below
Call me when there's nowhere to go
And I'll be there
You can count on me (You can count on me)

And if they all desert you
And you start to bend
You know I won't let them hurt you
And I don't pretend

Don't call if you've got nothing to say
Don't call me if you just want to play
But call me on Devil's Day
You can count on me

You can count on
You can count on
You can count on
You can count on

Count on me!

Baydog said...

He wanted to be Gung Ho, but he took it on the Chin