Thursday, May 20, 2010

Continuing the Just Plain Silly Streak

I think this is the Just Plain Silliest of All.

Thank You John!

PS - I think I can safely promise that we will have no such silliness at the Laser District 8 Regatta that Sebago is hosting on Saturday. And I hope that last year's winner is coming back - I think we'll have planes this time! :D


Carol Anne said...

I wonder whether the polizia ticketed those guys for failing to wear buoyancy aids. That looks like awfully cold water.

Pat said...

Good thing for the lads in the castle that no one had an inflatable trebuchet, mangonel, or ballista out on the lake.

bonnie said...

I thought the next scene after the polizia was going to be their buddies getting them out of the Italian hoosegow.